VBR #21: 'People Don't Talk About Relationships Enough', with guest Dan Cox

My friend Dan Cox and I have followed an eerily similar trail since 2010. We get deep into the weeds of early 2010 leak blogs, music blogs, and Internet social justice. Dan is genuinely a fan of my show and I know that because he won't stop texting me about it. I'm genuinely a fan of Dan and always have been, which makes this one of my favorite shows to date.

For years, Dan Cox cultivated a massive following of passionate fans for his blog, Pup Fresh. Between himself and his partner Willy, Pup Fresh created a spot for themselves in the scene without invitation. They use their following to spread their opinions about controversial topics in the scene. That seemed to wear Dan out to the point that he’s separated himself from the brand for his sake and the blog’s. Now he spends way too much money on vinyl.

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