VBR #00: 'There IS Going To Be A Record', with guest John Bazley

Here it is, the pilot episode of my new podcast, Variable Bitrate. It was a lot of fun putting this one together. This was the first podcast I've edited since college and it felt good to get back "behind the boards," so to speak, and make John and I sound intelligent.

I've got a number of episodes planned for the next month or so with some awesome great guests. My goal is to get to know these people and their work as well as the stuff movies and music they dig. This should result in a carousel of varying tastes and personalities, not unlike The Talk Show with John Gruber—for those inclined to more technologically savvy shows.

Enjoy the show and if you'd like to promote your product, service, or creative endeavor to our listeners, please shoot me an email.

In this, the pilot episode of Variable Bitrate, host Jacob Tender is joined by John Bazley (owner of Why Bother Records and writer for Under The Gun Review) to talk about what's currently good in the world of alternative music. Hey, let's give this a shot.

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