VBR #04: 'I'm Probably Going To Be Honored Forever', with guest Connor Feimster

A few years ago, a photographer on my Facebook feed was asking for the names and contact information for graphic designers that could make him a logo for his photography business. Swept up in a gust of inspiration, I mocked one up for him and he bought the design from me. Despite paying me in full for the work, he still gives me rights to his photos whenever I ask him for permission to do so. Connor Feimster is nice like that. I've followed and admired Connor's work for years, so it's only natural that I grill him about everything he's about on the show.

There were a few audio hiccups with Connor's recording about 2/3 of the way through. I did my best to level them out, but it's still going to sound funny. My apologies. Through those glitches, I hope you will enjoy what I considered an imeasurably pleasant chat between Connor and I.

Connor Feimster calls the Variable Bitrate hotline to banter over the news and his life as a working-class music photographer slash actor slash editor slash tour manager. Turns out Connor is a big Paul Simon fan, and super knowledgeable to the Swan-core scene. Enjoy!

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