Publishing photos

A few weeks ago a person next to me at a Milk Carton Kids show asked if I would be posting the shots I took at the gig. I tried not to be cold, but I think I disappointed her with my answer.

Jason Unoriginal Explores The Cleveland Catacombs

Cleveland photographer Jason Unoriginal [] photographs the abandoned Cleveland Catacombs. This bit of local urban exploration is particularly cool....

25 Years of Adobe Photoshop

Adobe is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Photoshop. To highlight the landmark, they’ve released a fantastic video made with user submitted PSD files. The entire video was created in Photoshop, made by animating each layer. The result is a...

Stheart Features Creative Person Kara Smarsh

via Stheart []: > Web designer by day, photographer by… every chance she gets. After briefly crossing paths at a music festival in Chicago, we were instantly drawn to Kara’s feed on instagram [