VBR #10: 'It Was Probably Misplaced Enthusiasm', with guest @anamericangod

A lot of the folks on this show have been people I've never spoken to in person before. Joe is one I've only seen a single photo of. He's sort of an enigma, that @anamericangod. Intentionally ambiguous about his identity online, but very open about his emotional state. I've followed him for a few years now and taken solace in some of the more thoughtful tweets on his timeline and laughed outwardly at many more. It was interesting to get Joe on the line and hear his voice and get to know him outside of the 140 character limit.

Joe is the founder of American Dream Records, an independent record label that put out vinyl releases from some pretty amazing bands in the early 2010s. Since then, he's amassed an impressive and growing Twitter following as @anamericangod. Nostalgia swings it's mighty fist as we talk about the old days of music discovery and early Internet hangouts for music lovers. Then we talk Twitter, a lot of Twitter.

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