VBR #01: 'Why Would You Break The Formula?', with guest Dan Bogosian

Here is the first official episode of Variable Bitrate featuring my hairy friend Dan Bogosian. Dan and I ran through his career so far, some news stories, and a few bands we're digging right now. He also told me a story about his parents doing the dirty, but I cut that from the show for the pure sake of time. Look for that special nugget in a b-side reel in the future.

Editing a podcast can be difficult when you're still working in a new DAW environment. The difficulty grows exponentially when you're on vacation and trying to "relax" properly. I'm pleased with the way this one came out and really looking forward to some feedback. I have a bunch of great guests lined up and I don't want to fudge it up for them, so let me know if something sucked or worse. You can email me your thoughts and praises here.

Speaking of "fudging" things up... I censored Dan's expletives, then decided to take out the beeps right before publishing. I'm not marketing this podcast to kids, so fuck it right?

In episode 1, Jacob is joined by longtime friend Dan Bogosian to chat about his tenure in the music industry and what's going on in the news. Jacob fails to reign in the conversation in time to talk about Radiohead while Dan makes as many Queen Moo references as possible.

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