VBR #05: 'Live In The Chinese Factory', with guest Ian Kenny

After years of jamming his music in my car to and from school, I finally got the opportunity to talk to Ian Kenny of King Neptune. Ian spilled all the juicy deets on the fate of NGHBRS and revealed what he's been up to since the project went quiet. He promised me that this was an exclusive, so there you go. I'm a reporter again. How about that?

This is my first artist interview for the show, but really it was just a fun conversation between two dudes with mutual admiration.


We had some Skype issues halfway in, which I considered leaving in for those that enjoy two people saying things such as "hello" or "can you hear me?" for minutes on end. The Survey Monkey market research I conducted following the recording revealed that number to be few. Enjoy a prolonged, yet condensed chat with Ian Kenny.

It only took five episodes of this thing to land a juicy exclusive. Jake talks to Ian Kenny of King Neptune about what exactly happened to NGHBRS, the project he’s been known for leading into this new project.

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