Friday releases: The Weeknd, Bohnes, Punchline, Kacey Musgraves

There's plenty of great music out this weekend. Here's what I'd recommend: The Weeknd - My Dear Melencholy The Weeknd dropped a new EP tonight. The biggest surprise wasn't 6 new tracks with just two days notice, but the throwback

Punchline wants to know how you sleep

Chris Payne, Billboard: Punchline has never been a household name, but for the Pittsburgh band, it’s not for lack of effort. They emerged with the powerhouse label Fueled By Ramen in the mid-2000s, and never quite caught on like

Punchline Announces New Music

Punchline on their Facebook page: After 17 years, 9 albums, hundreds of thousands of miles traveled, the ups and even the downs… we’re still just as thrilled to be here with you.I love Punchline. It’s my hope