The MV Podcast: Revisiting The Beatles (Help!)

via Modern Vinyl: Part 5 of our Revisiting The Beatles series dives into Help!, their August 1965 release. We discuss how the band’s rising fame seeps into their songwriting, Chris gets a crash course on “Paul is Dead,” and

The MV Podcast 205: My Dear Podcast,

via Modern Vinyl: Episode 205 of The Modern Vinyl Podcast takes on The Weeknd’s new release (NOT EP), “My Dear Melancholy,.” Chris and Mike, along with special guest Jacob Tender (Bantha Fodder), discuss where the EP belongs in the

The MV Podcast 192: The Great Pop-Punk Debate

The Modern Vinyl guys invited me on to talk about Rolling Stone's pop-punk list. I defend AFI. Good times are had. via Modern Vinyl: On the newest episode of The Modern Vinyl Podcast, the hosts debate and dissect Rolling Stone’