Deadpool has a leaked Comic-Con trailer


For the last several years, comic books have completely dominated our theaters. Spidermen, Batmen, Supermen, and various collections of mutated crime fighters have demolished skyscrapers and box office records alike. Some, with more success than others.

My favorite superhero franchise of late has been the Captain America films. They’re not quite as flashy as those of Iron Man or Spiderman, but they’re really good. I know that’s just me though. I’m getting worn out on the super-suits and metropolitan carnage. I’ve had just about enough. Still, there is one franchise I’ve been waiting for since 2009: Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds as the man behind the suit.

Deadpool is going to be the best superhero movie ever made. Reynolds has twice the wit as Downey Jr. and three times the charisma. If Stark’s snark made Iron Man the most successful of the Avengers’ individual brands, Deadpool is going to sweep the floor with his lightning fast humor and unfaltering sarcasm.

Deadpool won’t be as family friendly as Guardians Of The Galaxy or Thor. No way. We’re getting the R rating we deserve. As the leaked Comic-Con trailer above shows, there will be blood. Plenty of blood. Irreverence is a given to boot. Oh, and self-aware fan service for days:

“Don’t make the super suit green – or animated!”

I’m so goddamn pumped up for this movie.