James Cameron and Jennifer Lawrence go for 'The Dive'

Bryan Bishop, The Verge:

James Cameron’s new Avatar trilogy may have been delayed recently due to production complications, but that isn’t stopping him from signing up people for his other projects. 1

James Cameron is good at many things, but one of the filmmaking aspects I enjoy most of him are his underwater ventures. 2 While most are looking to space for unknown horrors (and of course he has done the same), Cameron has been spending a lot of time looking to the depths of our oceans to provide a bit of cinematic drama.

Jennifer Lawrence being in The Dive is irrelevant to me. She’s a fine actress. I’m sure she’ll perform well in her role as freediver Audrey Mestre. It’s the atmosphere, though, that excites me.  The ocean is a massive, scary thing.

Bummer about Avatar, I’m still a big fan of the first film, despite its flaws.

See: Sanctum (2011), The Abyss (1989), or Deepsea Challenge 3D (2014)