My Body Sings Electric debuts Side A of the Franklin Tapes

While presiding over web content at Substream, I came into contact with a guy named Brandon Whalen. Brandon wrote a number of humor pieces for the site—some of the best pieces I published during that time. I came to love his band, My Body Sings Electric, shortly thereafter.

It's hard to pin this group's influences down, but that's not what really matters. It's all about what you take from these guys. Personally, I really identify with the 2000s and 2010s emo vocal delivery I normally associate with bands like The Starting Line, The Rocket Summer, and Forever The Sickest Kids. Layer that on top of some chunky progressive chords and 80s revival leads and you get a happy Jake.

Franklin Tapes: Side A is premiering on Diffuser. Side B is coming in a few months.