Neill Blomkamp to Direct New 'Alien' Movie for 20th Century Fox
Neill Blomkamp's Weyland Corporation

That’s it, the Internet has done it again. The Alien movie treatment District 9 and Chappie director Neill Blomkamp was working on has been picked up by 20th Century Fox.

Last month, Blomkamp came online with new Instagram and Twitter accounts to share concept art from a film he had been working on in Ridley Scott’s Alien universe. The web naturally took it upon themselves to assign the project plenty of hype.

The Wrap reports that this Alien movie will take place after Prometheus 2. That puts this somewhere before the first Alien film and makes the plot of the not-quite-existent script interesting. It was widely reported that Blomkamp has been talking to and would like the original quadrilogy’s heroine Sigorney Weaver to take part in the production of his feature. However, if the movie takes place before the events of the Nostromo, I don’t see how she could possibly be a member of the cast. Still, I think her insight to the universe could be vastly influential.[1]

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Prometheus 2 is currently in development with Ridley Scott in the director’s chair once again. The Wrap also says Scott will be producing Blomkamp’s feature.

From top to bottom, I can’t find a single thing worrying or wrong about this production. I trust Blomkamp will take his expertise in cybernetics and grimey, futuristic landscape design and apply that to the universe I’ve loved for so long. A more perfect match couldn’t be made.

Nobody knows those xenomorphic bitches better than Ripley.