Not Safe To Drink: Music for Flint Water Relief

Like many, I've been woefully behind on the events happening in Flint, Michigan. I'm just a state over, but only recently heard about the awful situation those in Flint are dealing with regarding the complete contamination of their water supply due to shady politics and neglect.

To help with the fallout and continued needs of the community, friends and colleagues James Shotwell and Jono Diener have put together a charity compilation called Not Safe To Drink with contributions from musicians near and far from ground zero of the issue. The compilation is up for pre-order now with 37 songs listed so far, with more to come. On a recent episode of the Inside Music Podcast, James and Jono said that there will be near 60 tracks when everything comes together.

The minimum donation is $5, but I implore anyone who goes in to go above and beyond the bottom line. This is a serious situation with terrible repercussions for Flint's impoverished, underprivileged, and youth especially.

Some artists contributing to the compilation are Craig Owens, Taking Back Sunday, Anti-Flag, We Came As Romans, Pentimento, The Heartless Breakers, and more. A full, frequently updating list is available on the pre-order page on Bandcamp.