Amazon Smile Redirect Extensions

Surely, if you’re a dedicated Amazon user, you’ve seen advertised or used Amazon Smile, the Foundation that donates 0.5% of the purchase price to a charity of your choice with every transaction. I’ve been an Amazon

VBR #15: 'It's Hard For Helpers', with guest Sheridan Allen

Just when I think the podcast is becoming easier to produce on a weekly basis, it isn't. In actuality, this episode was very easy to produce. It has the shortest run time, has one of the best speakers I've interviewed

Not Safe To Drink: Music for Flint Water Relief

Like many, I've been woefully behind on the events happening in Flint, Michigan. I'm just a state over, but only recently heard about the awful situation those in Flint are dealing with regarding the complete contamination of their water supply

The Orphan, The Poet - "Renegades" (X Ambassadors Cover)

My friends in The Orphan, The Poet have teamed up with the wonderful folks at Hope For The Day to raise awareness for suicide prevention, a cause close to my heart. Anyone who donates here will receive a download of