Podcast Recommendation: Heavyweight

Of all the new shows this year, Gimlet Media’s Heavyweight is easily the one most worth trying. 1

Show description via Gimlet Media:

A podcast about journeying back to the moment when everything went wrong. Hosted by Jonathan Goldstein.

Those familiar with Gimlet’s level of production quality and perhaps even the general tone of their programs will find themselves immediately comfortable with the edit and Jonathan’s easy going vocal delivery. Thus far, the show has brought together estranged brothers, both in their later years, attempted to force 90s music icon Moby into returning a set of borrowed CDs that essentially launched his career, and tracked down a young girl who’s intersexed father vented his frustration on an 80s independent film while she sat transfixed and emotionless.

While the subjects and their moments seem heavy, the show has a lighthearted feel. The episodes are concise and satisfying, great for a morning commute. Here’s to hoping it lasts. Subscribe to Heavyweight on iTunes or Overcast.

Apart from mine, of course.