Friday releases: The Weeknd, Bohnes, Punchline, Kacey Musgraves

There's plenty of great music out this weekend. Here's what I'd recommend: The Weeknd - My Dear Melencholy The Weeknd dropped a new EP tonight. The biggest surprise wasn't 6 new tracks with just two days notice, but the throwback

My Favorite Things 2016: Games

In 2016, I’ve been making an effort to play more games. A few years back, I bought a PS4 I hardly ever use. [1] This year, I bought an iPhone 7 with enough storage to justify carrying games around

My Favorite Things 2016: Television

I didn't watch a whole lot of movies this year. Instead, I watched quite a bit of TV. I finally got the stones to finish the The Newsroom, which is my favorite show. I recently learned about Hardware, an old

My Favorite Things 2016: Movies

In 2016, I saw more movies in theaters than usual but less in film overall. Mae and I spent a lot of time watching older sagas like Star Wars, Oceans 11-13, Indiana Jones, and the Bourne saga. Otherwise, it's really

My Favorite Things 2016: Music

Despite hosting a podcast revolving almost entirely around movers and shakers in the alternative music industry, I’ve listened to very little new music this year. Of that, an even smaller percentage has stuck. The result is a shorter list

Podcast Recommendation: Heavyweight

Of all the new shows this year, Gimlet Media’s Heavyweight is easily the one most worth trying. 1 Show description via Gimlet Media: A podcast about journeying back to the moment when everything went wrong. Hosted by Jonathan Goldstein.

It's official. I've been Pinegrove'd.

It happened. After months of continued recommendations from friends that probably know what's best for me anyway, I've fallen deeply in love with Pinegrove. With roots in Montclair, New Jersey, Pinegrove took shape after many years of collaboration between vocalist

Anderson .Paak makes his TV debut

At some point, years after I loaded her MP3 player up with key tracks from Bayside and The Starting Line, my sister has officially become more savvy than I when it comes to emerging musical trends. I owe my love

My Favorite Things 2015: Music

Here we are yet again. The year has come to an end and music has been released, now on Fridays, for me to rank as my favorite. As I said in July, I’ve been making Album of The Year

Podcasts I listen to

Inspired by Zack's recent posts regarding the podcasts he listens to, and the Top Four favorites of Tiffany and Marco Arment, I'm listing mine out as well. Hopefully, it serves as a starting point for those hoping to get involved