My Favorite Things 2016: Games

In 2016, I’ve been making an effort to play more games. A few years back, I bought a PS4 I hardly ever use. [1] This year, I bought an iPhone 7 with enough storage to justify carrying games around with me. The following list is comprised of games for either my console or my mobile. Most of these games are new. Several are not, but have been on my “must play” list for some time.

  1. Firewatch (PS4, Campo Santo)
  2. The Last Of Us (Remastered) (PS4, Naughty Dog)
  3. Mini Metro (iOS, Codepoint Ltd.)
  4. Journey (PS4, That Game Company)
  5. Pokémon Go (iOS, Niantic)

As you can see, with the exception of the mobile games, I love a game with a good story. If you have any recommendations for games I should play this year, send me a tweet.

curbsideaudio is my PSN name, but please message me your real name if you send me a request.

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