My Favorite Things: 2023

365 more days repressing the sad thoughts with media. As is tradition, here they are, my favorites for the year.

My Favorite Things: 2022

Twelve more months on God’s green Earth, absorbing hundreds more hours of media. It’s only right to denote them, once again, for future nostalgia.

My Favorite Things: 2021

Another year, another swath of media to devour, process, and regurgitate in the form of bulleted lists.

My Favorite Things: 2020

As is tradition, here is a distillation of my favorite media—formatted into digestable bulleted lists for posterity.

My Favorite Things 2020 (The First Half)

I haven't compiled a mid-year list of my favorite things since 2015. I've just been so struck with compelling media during the year of COVID that I felt it was worth doing a quick run-down of the stuff that's keeping me occupied while most social activities are put on hold.

My Favorite Things 2018: Everything

My lists are all short this year and I have a long holiday break to enjoy, so I’m going to combine this year’s My Favorite Things posts into one. I hope that’s cool. Music I gave fewer...

My Favorite Things 2017: Music

Variable Bitrate has been on a hiatus for the past year, which has taken some of the pressure off of listening to new music, which naturally means I listen to more new music.

My Favorite Things 2017: Movies

In 2017, I made good on my promise to watch more movies than I did in 2016. In total, I watched 167 movies.

My Favorite Things 2017: Television

As I did last year, I spent far too much time watching television. The top of the year was spent binging Bob’s Burgers and Archer with Mae. We caught the new episodes of both Sherlock and Doctor Who. On...

My Favorite Things 2017: Games

In 2016, I made an effort to play more games. Battlefront and Firewatch were must-plays. This year, the PS4 has been relegated almost entirely to “expensive BluRay player” status. This spring I got my hands on a Nintendo Switch and...

My Favorite Things 2016: Games

Most of these games are new. Several are not, but have been on my “must play” list for some time.

My Favorite Things 2016: Movies

In 2016, I saw more movies in theaters than usual but less in film overall. Mae and I spent a lot of time watching older sagas like Star Wars, Oceans 11-13, Indiana Jones, and the Bourne saga. Otherwise, it's really...

My Favorite Things 2016: Music

Despite hosting a podcast revolving almost entirely around movers and shakers in the alternative music industry, I’ve listened to very little new music this year. Of that, an even smaller percentage has stuck. The result is a shorter list...

My Favorite Things 2015: Music

Here we are yet again. The year has come to an end and music has been released, now on Fridays, for me to rank as my favorite.

My Favorite Things 2015: Music (The First Half)

Another year, another list of albums I liked. I’ve only been doing this for like five years, but it only took that long to realize that I’m not making these for approval or blog hits, but so that...

My Favorite Things 2014: Music

2014 has come to an end. I’m sitting at my kitchen table considering the idea that, for the first time since I began making them, I don’t have a publication with which to publish my end-of-the-year lists as...

My Favorite Things 2013: Music

‘Tis the season to make the most difficult choices I have to make all year. Seriously, my life is easy enough to make that statement true. I hate making these lists, more-so this year than any year previous. Yet I’...

My Favorite Things 2011: Music

This list was originally published on Under The Gun Review when I was the Managing News Editor there.

My Favorite Things 2010: Music

Compiling a list of my “Top Ten” this year was difficult. 2010 was a great year for music overall. I started with a list of 30 or so albums and finally dwindled it down to a “Top Ten.” I also added an honorable mentions list.