My Favorite Things 2016: Television

I didn't watch a whole lot of movies this year. Instead, I watched quite a bit of TV. I finally got the stones to finish the The Newsroom, which is my favorite show. I recently learned about Hardware, an old British sitcom featuring Martin Freeman, that lasted just two seasons, but really registered with me. I've also been watching Malcolm In The Middle as my "no-thought-required" bedtime program. Mae and I finished Lost, watched through Sherlock, and rewatched Friends for what must be the dozenth time. I also caught up on Doctor Who, which remains fantastic, and Star Wars: Rebels which gets better every season. Oh, and how can I forget Silicon Valley? For a third year in a row I've binged that show in a night.

This year also brought a lot of great new TV. These are my favorites.

  1. Horace and Pete (Louis C.K., Independent)
  2. Westworld (HBO)
  3. The Night Of (HBO)
  4. Atlanta (FOX)
  5. Luke Cage (Netflix)

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