My Favorite Things 2018: Everything

My lists are all short this year and I have a long holiday break to enjoy, so I’m going to combine this year’s My Favorite Things posts into one. I hope that’s cool. MusicI gave fewer releases

My Favorite Things 2017: Television

As I did last year, I spent far too much time watching television. The top of the year was spent binging Bob’s Burgers and Archer with Mae. We caught the new episodes of both Sherlock and Doctor Who. On

Welcome To Geekdom Episode 058: Stranger Things 2

Deanna and I talk about Stranger Things 2 which is SO good. Dustin and Steve are the show's best pair. via Welcome To Geekdom: Jacob Tender returns to the podcast to discuss the second season of Stranger Things. We talk

My Favorite Things 2016: Television

I didn't watch a whole lot of movies this year. Instead, I watched quite a bit of TV. I finally got the stones to finish the The Newsroom, which is my favorite show. I recently learned about Hardware, an old

Welcome to Geekdom 007: Star Wars Rebels

I'm back again on Welcome To Geekdom to talk about Star Wars: Rebels, an animated show that started really great and continues getting better all the time. via Welcome To Geekdom: Jacob Tender returns to talk all about Star Wars

STT #02: Chapter Two: 'The Weirdo on Maple Street'

James and I are back to our respective states after his wedding (which was really fun). That means we can continue watching Stranger Things! Naturally, James' recording laptop took a bath before recording so we're working with Skype audio until

STT #01: Chapter One: 'The Vanishing Of Will Byers'

I've got the podcasting bug and a lot of ideas. As a result, I wanted to try a pop culture show centered around one specific television program called Stranger Things. Netflix has been crushing it with the exclusives all year

Bantha Fodder #9: It's All About Balance

I love The Clone Wars. Now that Mike has been working his way through the show, it's cool to have a chance to talk about it on the podcast. The Mortis story arc is vastly different to anything else you'll

Anderson .Paak makes his TV debut

At some point, years after I loaded her MP3 player up with key tracks from Bayside and The Starting Line, my sister has officially become more savvy than I when it comes to emerging musical trends. I owe my love

The Return of Dragonball

The adventures of Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Mr. Satan, and more continue in Dragonball Super right where they left off in Dragonball Z. I never watched Dragonball GT and frankly counted myself out of those excited about the future of the