STT #01: Chapter One: 'The Vanishing Of Will Byers'

I've got the podcasting bug and a lot of ideas. As a result, I wanted to try a pop culture show centered around one specific television program called Stranger Things. Netflix has been crushing it with the exclusives all year and this is no exception.

My friend and colleague James Shotwell are digging into the show episode by episode to find the nuances in the plot and inspiration behind the hit show. If you've watched through all of Stranger Things, or you're making your way through it now, subscribe to the show! We set up a Twitter account as well so that you can share your theories. Just don't spoil anything beyond our latest episode, please!

James and his fiancée are getting married next week and I'm in the ceremony, so it's quite possible we won't have another episode out for a little while. Still, we wanted to get this thing off the ground while the show is hot. We hope you enjoy!

Jacob and James crack open episode one and get to know the people of Hawkins.

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