Recommendation: 'HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites' by Jon Duckett

I treated myself to Christmas a little early this year and picked up a hard copy of Jon Duckett’s book HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites.

I was introduced to this book in 2012 and had an eBook copy on my iPhone for a few years as a reference when running through Code Academy courses. This book is pretty big, however, and not great for viewing on a small mobile screen. I picked up the physical book on Black Friday and I’ve been leafing through it since.

Apart from the modern design and layout of the pages, this particular book breaks things down in a way a people with zero coding knowledge can understand it. It’s not frustrating and it’s not condescending. It perfectly walks that line and delivers an unmatched learning experience. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in web development.

Now that I have a legitimate reference copy on my desk, I hope to update this blog with some of the things I’ve learned within it. You can grab a copy on Amazon now for around $18, a steal for the normally $30 paperback.