System Fonts in CSS

Craig Hockenberry: This whole process has been fascinating for me to watch. What started as a simple idea ended up being discussed and implemented by dozens of talented engineers. The result is a web that’s better and easier for

The Snapback Slim Deluxe, A Minimalist Leather Wallet

The Snapback Slim Wallet is my favorite wallet. I carry my wallet in my front pocket and hate clutter there. I have a Swiss army-like key-holder for all of the doors in my life and I needed a wallet to

Tumblr changes, the good and the bad

I started my first Tumblr account in 2008. I used it infrequently and eventually moved fully to my Wordpress blogs in late 2009. I used self-hosted Wordpress blogs for 5 years before returning to Tumblr to begin this blog. It

Reimagining Pokemon as Company Logos

Small San Francisco design shop designer reimagines Pokemon as logos.Very cool study by the founder of Pictogram and former Apple and HP employee, Sebastiaan de With.