Podcasts I listen to

Inspired by Zack's recent posts regarding the podcasts he listens to, and the Top Four favorites of Tiffany and Marco Arment, I'm listing mine out as well. Hopefully, it serves as a starting point for those hoping to get involved or as a recommendation to those looking to add a show or two to their lineup.

Updated: 3.7.2016

Priority Shows

These are the shows I wait for every week. I will normally listen to these first, as they become available.

Harmontown: Dan Harmon (Community, Rick & Morty, and more) is joined by suit-clad gadabout Jeff Davis (Whose Line is it Anyway) as his comptroller in an effort to build a colony of misfits just like him. With rants and occasionally frequent emotional and semi-political tears, the heavy comes a plenty. Still, a lighthearted comedic undercurrent ties each episode together until they play a roleplaying game to cap each episode off. (iTunes, Overcast)

Limetown: A fictional successor to Serial, if only in spirit. Follow Lia Haddock as she uncovers the mystery of a town full of people that simply vanished without a trace. I've written about Limetown before, but what makes the show so great thus far is the quality in writing, production, and talent behind each episode.  (iTunes, Overcast)

The Talk Show: A tech show in which John Gruber (author of Daring Fireball) chats with a guest about the latest. (iTunes, Overcast)

Accidental Tech Podcast: or ATP, as it's affectionately called within its circles. They talk tech. Sometimes it's a bit too technical for me, but they do a decent job of reigning it in for the general audience of folks interested in Apple-related happenings. Hosted by Marco Arment, John Siracusa, and Casey Liss. (iTunes, Overcast)

Lore: Short, well written and well-produced folklore stories by author Aaron Mahnke. (iTunes, Overcast)

Anecdote: A podcast full of stories you haven't heard before. It updates infrequently and the episodes are pretty short. A solid add to anyone's queue. Hosted by Jack Dearlove. (iTunes, Overcast)

Cortex: Myke Hurley picks the brain of CGP Grey, a man I find fascinating for his particular lifestyle and efficient work-life. (iTunes, Overcast)

Robot or Not?: This one has been losing steam as it goes on, but basically Jason Snell asks John Siracusa if something is a robot or not. Simple and it takes less than 5 minutes to listen to John explain—in detail—his answer. (iTunes, Overcast)

Reconcilable Differences: John Siracusa (are you sensing a pattern? I love the way this man's mind works) and Merlin Mann try to figure each other out. It's totally entertaining to watch these men in their 40s dissect their years. (iTunes, Overcast)

Second-Tier Favorites

I listen to these shows every week, after my priority list has run itself down.

Upgrade: Jason Snell (sixcolors.com) and Myke Hurley talk about about technology and how creatives get stuff done with that technology. It's not quite as technical as some of the shows I mentioned above, but doesn't lack in informative opinions and expertise by its hosts.  (iTunes, Overcast)

Mystery Show: Starlee Kine investigates one little mystery per episode. Light-hearted and fun. Another show following the lead and influence of Serial. (iTunes, Overcast)

Analog(ue): Myke Hurley and Casey Liss talk about their feelings. It's sort of the editors notes or directors commentary to each of their lives and careers. This was the first show of both Myke and Casey's that I began listening to. (iTunes, Overcast)

Idiot's Array: My favorite Star Wars dissection podcast. It's still a fresh show, but I think they are beginning to settle into a nice groove. Mark's insights and theories are the highlight of the show for me. (iTunes, Overcast)

Virtual: Myke Hurley and Federico Viticci chat video games. This one has been in and out of my subscriptions list for a while, but I generally keep it around. I don't play video games much, but I like to keep up. This show has been the best way for me to do that. (iTunes, Overcast)

Love + Radio: Interviews with interesting people on even more interesting subjects. Shows can be surprisingly emotional or disorienting at times, but it's a great program overall. (iTunes, Overcast)

Connected: Myke Hurley, Federico Viticci, and Stephen Hackett talk Apple in a roundtable style discussion. With Federico's workflows and love for portable productivity, Stephen's adoration for Macs and everything vintage Apple, and Myke's every-man look at computing and keen insight on design and user experience, I highly recommend this show for anyone interested in Apple. (iTunes, Overcast)

Men in Their 30s only: Chris Fafalios and Mike Soboslai are men in their 30s. They talk about things they do in their 30s. It's pretty funny once you get to know them. (iTunes, Overcast)

Real Life Sci-Fi: Wade Randolph is a skeptic and Willy Roberts believes everything. Together, with a guest, they look at a plethora of topics in the realm of science fiction and mythology. They never get anywhere, but if you're into the supernatural like I am, you'll enjoy it. (iTunes, Overcast)

My Star Wars Story: Each month, a distinguished fan of Star Wars is interviewed about their love for the franchise. Everyone has a Star Wars story and I love hearing them. This is a great show. My only gripe is with the soundtracks playing behind the vocal tracks in each episode. It's a bit distracting. (iTunes, Overcast)

Top Four: Marco and Tiffany Arment list their top four in a topic of their choice. Marco usually can't narrow anything down. (iTunes, Overcast)

Who Shot First: A Star Wars trivia podcast. It's not updated too frequently, which is great for its format. It's a fun show that tests the knowledge of two guests competing for victory. Hosted by Dylan Hesp. (iTunes, Overcast)

Listen by Topic Shows

Sometimes I'm not into the topic of a podcast. I only have some much time in a week. So to keep up, I trim as I go. These ones frequently get trimmed, but still get downloaded with every update.

Tiny Desk Concerts: Bob Boilen invites artists to sit at his desk in the NPR office to play for the staff. I've found some amazing musicians through this show. (iTunes, Overcast)

Sorry, Internet: Thomas Nassiff's feed of podcasts featuring several series of shows. I don't like sports, so I skip those. I'm looking forward to his other ideas. (iTunes, Overcast)

WTF: Some of my favorite interviews have been conducted by Marc Maron, but not every episode is with someone I find particularly interesting. (iTunes, Overcast)

Voice & Verse: A songwriting podcast for the alternative community. Hosted by Evan Lucy. (iTunes, Overcast)

Inside Music: Interviews with musicians, writers, publicists, and more—all from the industry side of things. Hosted by James Shotwell. (iTunes, Overcast)

The Flop House: Elliott Kalan, Dan McCoy, and Stuart Wellington examine shit movies. (iTunes, Overcast)

The Collective Podcast: Ash Thorp is the John Gruber of artists, designers, and otherwise creative people. Long interviews inspire and illuminate the work of a variety of creators. (iTunes, Overcast)

Before You Were Funny: Justin Michael and Jacob Reed have comedy writers and comedians dig up and read some of their earliest work. I'm talking high-school level sketches and stories. Scroll through and find someone you think is funny and take a listen. Great and absolutely embarrassing stuff. (iTunes, Overcast)

Inquisitive: Myke Hurley interviews people on topics. It's hard to pin this show down because the format changes so frequently. He's currently talking to people about their favorite albums. I think this run has been interesting, but could use a new idea soon. (iTunes, Overcast)

The Nerdist: Chris Hardwick interviews someone awesome. He's had some amazing guests over the years. I don't subscribe, but I'll pop in and download a few on occasion. (iTunes, Overcast)

Pup Fresh: Dan Cox and JWeb talk about the stuff that's on their mind. It can get pretty candid. I generally skip the parts about Mayday Parade and get to the juicy gossip or thoughts on topics that matter like equality, abuse in the music scene, or accountability. I've always had mad respect for Dan Cox's guts to say what he feels on the topics post people would not talk about. (iTunes, Overcast)

The Incomparable - Star Wars: I don't listen to the Incomparable. I don't have enough time to take in everything they discuss. Luckily, Jason Snell made some podcast feeds specifically for topics like Star Wars, which I do follow. (Feed, Overcast)

Shows I'm Testing Out

I've been unsubscribing from a number of shows lately while also trying to find more time to listen to podcasts. Thus, I need recommendations. These are a few recent ones I'm testing out.

Just The Tip: Amy Jane Gruber and Paul Kafasis chat about stuff for 30 minutes or less. I've listened to Episode 1 and it was funny. I'm going to keep going with it. (iTunes, Overcast)

Switched on Pop: The podcast where songwriter (Charlie Harding) and musicologist (Nate Sloan) investigate the making and meaning of popular music. Brilliant format and super fun. Totally recommended. (iTunes, Overcast)

You Look Nice Today: 3 guys talk about stuff. I've listened to Episode 1 and didn't love it. I'll give it 2 more before I decide. (iTunes, Overcast)

Hello Internet: GCP Grey and Brady Haran talk about YouTube, life, work, whatever. Great show. I'm 7 episodes in and loving it. More of Grey's madness is always accepted. (iTunes, Overcast)