Podcast Recommendation: Limetown

Serial was a phenomenon, an unbridled success in podcasting. Produced by the team that brought us radio-ready American Life broadcasts, the series captured the attention of thousands whether they were familiar with the podcasting medium or not.

The lasting effects of Serial continue to improve the visibility of podcasting as a whole. New listeners are queuing up shows and finding new voices to listen to, others are finding voices of their own and setting up mic stands. Such is the case for Two-Up Productions, a team of two setting a new bar for podcast serial dramas with Limetown, a fictional series played out in “real-time."

Limetown follows Lia Haddock, the Sarah Koenig of a fictional story set in Tennessee. Years before becoming a journalist, Lia and the whole world watched the mysterious disappearance of an entire town unfold on television. A decade later, she’s determined to figure out just what happened in Limetown and, more importantly, what happened to its inhabitants.

Edit: I just finished Episode 3: Napoleon. I started the episode thinking that the writing for the series is increasingly good. By the end, I was frozen—staring the woman serving my sandwich in the face, completely ignoring what she was asking me. Episode 3 of Limetown is a powerful piece of fiction in every sense of the medium. Incredible.

Please, please listen to Limetown Episodes 1-3. If you're not sold on the show by the end of those last 34 minutes, you have higher standards for audio-drama than I. Bravo, Two-Up Productions.