Runaway Brother has a music video for 'Catch'

I don't know it's a matter of being speechless or simply running out of things to say but—like I've said for almost 5 years—Runaway Brother is the best band in Cleveland. It's not just a matter of hometown pride either. Tiny Engines gets it and that's why RB is on their already killer roster.

Catch the band's latest video below. I think this might be one of their most accessible tracks; one that really encapsulates a lot about what makes them so great. Personal yet witty wordplay run over cheery guitar leads and the dance-worthy nature that courses through most of the band's greatest hits (They've had a lot already, trust me). The video too shows a side of these guys I've seen many many times—a group of fast friends honestly enjoying themselves and the music they make.

Good Lord, I love this band.