Runaway Brother has a music video for 'Catch'

I don't know it's a matter of being speechless or simply running out of things to say but—like I've said for almost 5 years—Runaway Brother is the best band in Cleveland. It's not just a matter of hometown

Stream Runaway Brother's 'Reprise'

Miles Raymer, Entertainment Weekly: Cleveland’s Runaway Brother fits in comfortably with the ongoing emo revival—and unlike a lot of their brethren, they don’t seem to mind the E-word—but the cleverly crafted songs on their debut album

Runaway Brother - "Moth" (Stereogum Premiere)

Chris DeVille, Stereogum: Cleveland pop-punk ragers Runaway Brother have a new album called Mother coming soon. The soaring “Moth” goes all-in on nasal emo aggression – you might say that it really takes back Sunday, if you know what I’m