The New PropertyOfZack

Zack Zarrillo writes:

Today, we’re incredibly excited, nervous, and ready to begin the next phase of PropertyOfZack.

I’ve been updated by Zack throughout the planning process for today’s relaunch for a while. Months of planning have gone into the new site, format, and direction. Good things are coming from POZ.

The new site looks admittedly similar to mine. That will be no surprise to those who recognize the dull slated tones of Daring Fireball, the linear layouts of Six Colors, 512 Pixels, or MacStories, all of which we both read on a daily basis.

One of the biggest changes is the blog’s business model. They’re switching from ads to paid sponsorships and Patreon contributions. I’m a patron. I’m contributing roughly an hours wage every month. Zack is asking for $2. The money will fund the site and its writers. Read more about that here.

Become a patron of PropertyOfZack here.