"I Am Not A Blogger" (My farewell to PropertyOfZack)

PropertyOfZack will cease to update after this weekend. It's a sad thing, but not a bad thing. POZ has done a lot for the scene. It's nice to read and contribute so many words during its victory lap. I’ve

Start Today: Star Wars

In which I introduce Zack to Star Wars. I’ve known him for over half of a decade and this is my first piece on his site. What is this? Star Wars is a beloved (and presently ongoing) space opera

More on Accountability

Zack Zarrillo, in answer to Mike Meeze: Ultimately, the decision about which bands we cover on the site falls on me. On a normal day, it seems clear which bands align themselves with my “general moral code” and which don’

The New PropertyOfZack

Zack Zarrillo writes: Today, we’re incredibly excited, nervous, and ready to begin the next phase of PropertyOfZack.I’ve been updated by Zack throughout the planning process for today’s relaunch for a while. Months of planning have gone

The Starting Line To Release New Material In 2015

My friends at PropertyOfZack report that The Starting Line will be releasing new tunes this upcoming year. Last I heard, singer Kenny Vasoli was (successfully) distancing himself from the “scene” by way of his chill-wave hula-inspired solo project, Vacationer. I