Facebook Hiatus

If you have an account on Facebook, you may have come around to the idea that maybe it’s not as great as you once thought it was. UI changes and algorithms aside, the use of Facebook has diminished greatly

What the Hell is going on with Keri Hilson's Facebook feed?

Keri Hilson's Facebook feed? It appears as if she has given up on music to start a career in link aggregation. More realistically, it's as if her social media manager either stopped caring or finds nothing at all interesting or

Here's A Boost: A Most Shareable Response To Christopher Murray

Image via Agora Pulse. Using a Change.org petition last week, Illuminate Me singer Christopher Murray made a dramatic call for social networking justice. Facebook has raised its rates on bands and small business’s promoting themselves through their website

Coverage Inquiries
Coverage Inquiries

Over the past year, I've evolved from a boy on a blog to a boy with an insane amount of email to contend with on a daily basis. So much that if I don't wake up to at least 20