Chat Semetary: The Mist (2017)

Jacob Tender joins the podcast to discuss The Mist. The show originally aired on Spike TV in 2017. We dive into the cast, how the show differs from the story and more.

Welcome To Geekdom 183: Gravity Falls

Jacob Tender joins the podcast to discuss Gravity Falls. We talk about why two seasons worked for the length of the show, why we enjoyed it, and more.

Podcast Me Anything: Jacob Tender, Community Manager at Breaker

I recently launched a client podcast and the one network they had to make sure they got listed on was Breaker. Breaker is not a household name in podcasting, but in the financial services space, there are a growing number of hosts and consumers who love this platform.

Chat Sematary: The Dead Zone (1979)

Jacob Tender joins to discuss The Dead Zone, which happens to be the only Stephen King book that he's read so far.

The MV Podcast: Revisiting The Beatles (Help!)

Part 5 of our Revisiting The Beatles series dives into Help!, their August 1965 release. We discuss how the band’s rising fame seeps into their songwriting, Chris gets a crash course on “Paul is Dead,” and we continue building our Beatles Perfect LP.

Welcome To Geekdom 100: Pixar Shorts

Jacob Tender returns to the podcast to discuss a whole bunch of Pixar shorts and celebrate our 100th episode!

The MV Podcast 205: My Dear Podcast,

Episode 205 of The Modern Vinyl Podcast takes on The Weeknd’s new release (NOT EP), “My Dear Melancholy,.” Chris and Mike, along with special guest Jacob Tender (Bantha Fodder), discuss where the EP belongs in the Abel Tesfaye story, along with misogynistic trends in his writing.

The MV Podcast 192: The Great Pop-Punk Debate

On the newest episode of The Modern Vinyl Podcast, the hosts debate and dissect Rolling Stone’s recent “50 Greatest Pop-Punk Albums” list. The conversation is split into categories, such as “Most Underrated,” “Most Overrated,” and “Right Band, Wrong Album.”

Welcome To Geekdom 058: Stranger Things 2

Jacob Tender returns to the podcast to discuss the second season of Stranger Things. We talk about the new characters, the relationships between the characters, and much more.

Encore 141: Hobbies, Work, and Everything Between

On this week’s episode of Encore I am joined by special guest Jacob Tender. This week we discuss, SpinMedia, UnderTheGun and a lot of behind the scenes chaos that plagued the music web community over the past few years.

Missaligned 16: Jacob Tender

This week, we bring you a new interview with Jacob Tender! We discuss the best ways to handle PR, anticipated releases, and get nerdy about podcasts.

All Of The Above 016: Magazines

We sit down with guest Jacob Tender to talk about what's really a magazine, how can magazine companies transition to a digital world, and the role of major publishers in a self-publishing world.