Evazan and Baba: A Tale Of Misadventure and Cosmetic Surgery

The Cantina Cast has published a piece of mine on two of my favorite Star Wars "background" characters. This is a complete history of Doctor Cornelius Evazan and his mate Ponda Baba. These characters are the subjects of Bantha Fodder's

Review: John Mayer - "Love On The Weekend"

John Mayer has been teasing his return to pop music for some time, most notably through his Instagram.[1] Of late, he’s been touring with The Grateful Dead as a member of their band. It’s a bit of

31 Days Of Halloween: ‘Halloweentown’

Following the closure of Under The Gun Review in 2016, the site's longstanding tradition of Halloween adoration and criticism continued on at Substream with another round of 31 Days Of Halloween. This year, I contributed a piece on Halloweentown, a

Perfect LP: Mansions

The folks at Modern Vinyl asked me to write about Mansions some more, so I did. A few thousand words spewed out over the course of 7 hours and 10 loads of laundry. Perfect LP is a feature in which

An interview with Lydia

“I think I’m going to shotgun a Redbull. They don’t affect me like they used to,” said Lydia guitarist Justin Camacho as I walked into the green room of Musica, Akron’s coziest music venue. “Damn, you got

31 Days Of Halloween: 'Alien 3'

As is tradition, I lent my love of horror and science fiction to Under The Gun's 31 Days Of Halloween. My piece on Alien 3 was published this week. This year's series is dedicated to the memory of our late

Day Jobs: The Lives of Musicians & Creatives In The Workforce

This piece was published at AltPress on September 15, 2015 as part of my short-lived column on morality and creativity in the music industry. The day job: a time-consuming soul sucker that financially fuels the creative person. Many of us

"I Am Not A Blogger" (My farewell to PropertyOfZack)

PropertyOfZack will cease to update after this weekend. It's a sad thing, but not a bad thing. POZ has done a lot for the scene. It's nice to read and contribute so many words during its victory lap. I’ve

Bands Need Mentors

Art by Alexis HowickThis piece was published at AltPress on June 19, 2015 as part of my short-lived column on morality and creativity in the music industry. I'm frustrated, and the source of my frustration is our scene. Here we