Calling It Quits, Moving On and Staying Creative

This piece was published at AltPress on June 04, 2015 as part of my short-lived column on morality and creativity in the music industry. Growing up, those who support you most will encourage you to find what it is you

Start Today: Star Wars

In which I introduce Zack to Star Wars. I’ve known him for over half of a decade and this is my first piece on his site. What is this? Star Wars is a beloved (and presently ongoing) space opera

For The Love of Film: The Star Wars Holiday Special

My late friend Justin Proper of Under The Gun Review had a running column for several years called “For The Love Of Film.” He once asked me to fill in for him when he was too sick. Our colleague Dane

Yellowcard: Setting Sail For New Territory

Unlike the Beartooth Story, this one was planned out in advance. Like the story about Caleb and his wife Fleur, this story centered around Ryan Key and his wife Alyona. It got very personal and I felt quite honored to

Plastic Galaxy: The Story Of Star Wars Toys

I love Star Wars. I’d go so far as to say that I always have. I was shown Star Wars when I was still in my single digits and received my first lightsaber when I was probably about 6.

Beartooth: Sick & Disgusting

This was my first cover story for any magazine. The opportunity came up last minute, but I'm pleased with how it came out. I wrote more about how I got the story here. This story joined my feature on Emarosa's

Emarosa: From Fan To Frontman Quotes

Before my falling out with Bradley, I enjoyed writing about his career. My new gig at Substream gave me the opportunity to write his first print feature. This was a two-page spread that joined my Beartooth cover story in issue

An interview with Anthony Raneri

This was a big one for me. As a long-time Bayside fan, getting to sit one-on-one with Anthony in the Grog Shop green room was really cool. We got coffee after. In December, I had a last-minute opportunity to interview

Review: Mansions - 'Doom Loop'

This review was originally published by Under The Gun Review. Artist: Mansions Album: Doom Loop Label: Clifton Motel Genre: Crunchy Alternative Rock When I love a record as much as I loved Mansions’ Dig Up The Dead, I feel it’

An interview with Stages & Stereos

This interview comes with a little background story. At the time, I had recently started talking to a girl who had a few mutual friends. She liked music, so I though it would be cool to take her to a